Dynamic Decisions

Dynamic Decisions: Making “Stay or Go” Choices with Clarity and CourageExit sign

Bring your indecision out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Play games with it! Demystify it so that you can move forward with greater clarity.

What to Expect
• Writing / Drawing
• Submodalities
• Archetypes
• Polarities
• Beliefs
• Decision-making strategy
Roleplay: Archetypes
Closing Discussion

Roleplay / “As if”
Acting out the role of a person (you or someone else) or an internal “voice” (the part of you that wants X action).

Embodying both sides of the decision using human stand-ins for an internal “voice” (the part of you that wants X action).

What You’ll Learn
The intention of the workshop is not necessarily to find a specific answer to your question or force a decision. While that might happen, the core purpose of the event is to teach you skills you can use anytime you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

What You’ll Go Home With
• Experiences that were enjoyable and engaging
• Better awareness of how you envision yourself
• New insight into what you believe
• Effective techniques that you can draw on in the future
• The feeling that you were heard, supported, and encouraged

Be prepared for inspiration and playful bewilderment. As you hang out with your indecision, it may loosen its grip, allowing new possibilities and answers to emerge.