Working with Lori is an unforgettable experience. Her expertise in focusing her clients truly pushed me to dig deeper into what I was attempting to vocalize, get clearer on what I was trying to accomplish, and guided me in breaking past a stagnant approach to a problem that I had been dealing with for a while. In our session, I felt as if Lori asked me the tough questions, which was a bit uncomfortable, but absolutely necessary as I needed to focus on them in order to get past where I was and step into something new. At the end, I felt as if for the first time, I finally had some clarity around what I was doing, rather than the transient and unclear state that I had been in prior. If you are willing to have the tough conversations in order to get past an old situation, I would definitely recommend Lori!
Julianne Plummer. Atlanta, GA

Lori is an incredible coach! She is masterful at using powerful questions to guide and deepen thinking to help her clients achieve the change they are pursuing.
Gina Conner, EdD, Phoenix, AZ

Lori has a deep understanding of the NLP process. I loved doing the NLP exercise with her, it confirmed how I make my decisions. I am looking forward to working with Lori and learning much more. I believe with her guidance through the neurolinguistic process, one can assimilate and identify their own personal barriers, as well as identify the communication techniques that can help them achieve success in all aspects of their lives.
Andrea Limbach, Dresher, PA

Lori is incredibly observant and picks up on subtle nonverbal cues like the pro that she is. Her excitement and enthusiasm for coaching is contagious. She has such positive, exuberant energy. I’ve enjoyed my time working with her, and look forward to continuing to learn and grow from my interactions with her.
Rachel Valaskaj, Salem, OR

Lori walked me through an exercise where I had to recall a recent decision. Lori asked relevant questions and was patient as she took me through the exercise. Although I already knew I am a visual person, this exercise helped me make a mental note to use visuals in all parts of my life. Lori provided a thoughtful explanation of the science behind the results and answered all my questions.
Kimberly Dyan, Huntsville, TX

Photo credit: lightscape-763587 on Unsplash