NLP Tools

In addition to life coaching certification, I have 20+ years of experience in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the science of subjective human experience.

I learned about NLP around 1990 when Anthony Robbins was doing fire walks and we were all using dial-up modems. Over the decades, I’ve watched it spread around the world and become integrated in business models, leadership, training, education, athletics, counseling and personal development, and more. With so many applications in so many industries, the answer to the question “What is NLP?” can become fuzzy, but here are a few definitions.

When I do a coaching session with you, I may propose experimenting with an NLP  exercise and, of course, any answer is okay. If you’re curious to try something new, we might dive into the Spin exercise, Submodalities, Circle of Excellence, Anchoring, Future Pacing, or another process that is quick, easy, fun, and effective. Where psychotherapy might take years and life coaching can extend to weeks or months, the effects of NLP changework are often immediate.

Consider building a new muscle and trying out some NLP. You have nothing to lose but those pesky anxieties or worn-out beliefs!