Flash Coaching

Take 30 minutes to experience Flash Coaching! Effective tools from the field of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) help you loosen that mind/body knot, gain perspective, and take positive action.

Decision-Making Strategy
If you struggle with making decisions, this Q&A exercise helps to reveal your preferred decision-making strategy. Conscious and subconscious cues identify the steps you take when you have made good decisions. With greater awareness of your patterns, you can make good decisions in the future.
Coaching Fee: $55

Spin Process
Want to change your knee-jerk response to frustrating or anxiety-producing situations? The 8-minute Spin Process  gives your neurology a way to feel something new and better.
Coaching Fee: $55

Submodalities Exercise
That memory rises as a picture in your mind’s eye, bringing back all the old feelings of tension or sadness. The Submodalities Exercise teaches you how to “Photoshop” mental images and change the associated emotions.
Coaching Fee: $55

Photo credit: Szűcs László on Unsplash