Awesome Assertiveness

Release Your Assertive Superpowers!

This two-day course helps you release those assertive powers and put them to work! Rather than intense “soul work,” we take the “curious and playful” approach—we have a friendly chat with your fear and slowly loosen its grip, allowing glorious self-determination to emerge.

  • Confront your fear of confrontation
  • Find your voice—learn to say NO and I WANT
  • Learn and implement “New You” patterns

Day 1 (3 hours of 1:1 coaching)

We take a deep look at your current state. When do you feel fearful or passive—what people or situations intimidate you? What’s going through your mind, emotions, and body? What have you tried that hasn’t worked? Then we focus on the assertive you that you want to be. As we explore the New You, we pinpoint what you believe is holding you back and what you believe is possible.

We step out onto the playground! You get to know the New You through imaginative exercises such as Mind Mapping, Submodalities Game, and Archetype Adventures. These help you shift old emotional patterns toward a state that is self-aware and resourceful.

Get ready to install the New You! Two easy but powerful exercises—Anchoring and Circle of Excellence—help you embed confident assertiveness in your mind and body. These are followed by an Ecology Check to test for congruence (find out if anyone on your Inner Committee is saying “nope”).

Day 2 (2 hours of 1:1 coaching)

Test and Practice
We gently put the New You to the test. How will the New You respond in real-life situations? Do you revert to those old patterns? We work on strengthening the New You, and a “baby step” Level 1 Challenge helps you practice the new and improved behavior.

Once a Level 1 Challenge is a piece of cake, we move to Level 2 and Level 3 Challenges. With practice, knowing you are fully supported, you gain fuller confidence in your abilities.

Woo hoo! The New You is ready to make its appearance in real life. We do one last test and reanchoring, if needed. We explore what needs to be in place from this point forward. We find ways for you to remind yourself when, how, and why to live the New You. You have the opportunity to commit to the New You and your confident, authentic assertiveness.

Total cost: $250

Photo credit: Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash