I’m Lori Stephens–so glad you decided to check out my site!

Life coaching is my third career. For my first 25 years, I was a dedicated musician (piano and vocals). I moved into the publishing field and worked as a writer/editor for 30 years. When I looked into life coaching and realized that it would be a rewarding career and help others at the same time, I dove in.

I hold a BA in English Literature / Creative Writing and these certifications:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certified Communications Professional
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Animal Behavior College Dog Trainer
  • Whole Person Life Coach

Continuous life learner much? Yep. Some interesting facts about me:

  • First in my family to graduate from college
  • Have tried floatation tanks
  • Have led Laughter Yoga groups
  • Have published 5 books (3 fiction, 2 nonfiction)
  • Have opted out of traditional marriage and family choices
  • Have studied the gamut of esoteric philosophies and practices
  • Worked for Rosetta Stone Company and was paid to learn Greek
  • During my “Decade of Living Dangerously”
    • Lived in 3 different states and 5 different cities; moved 11 times
    • Gained and lost 1 husband and 4 dogs
    • Turned 50 at a paint party
    • Hit my highest and lowest income
    • Came within inches of dying on the freeway (twice)
    • Got my nose pierced
    • Drove nonstop for 16 hours
    • Started from and returned to the same address
    • Earned 4 certifications
    • Started 4 businesses
    • Was hired to teach editing at UC Berkeley
    • Was 3 days from moving in with a self-avowed “intergalactic traveler”

Influences (in no particular order): Christopher Hitchens, John Grinder, Timothy Leary, Madonna, Alan Watts, P!nk, Tony Robbins, Gregory Bateson, Ken Kesey, Mozart, Steve Jobs, Richard Feynman, RBG, Anthony Bourdain

Well, these are some highlights of my life story. I’d love to meet you and learn your story!