The Glasses of Acculturation

You look out at the world through the Glasses of Acculturation.*

It’s a set of eyeglasses given to you in childhood that alters your view of the world. As you wear these glasses day after day, year after year, you forget that you’re wearing them. You become habituated to that view and forget that you ever saw the world any differently. The glasses become part of your body, they are so familiar.

When you realize, decades later, that you have been wearing this mind-altering device your entire life, it can be unsettling.

When you muster up the courage and take it off, it can be shocking.

Life coaching helps you remove the glasses. The deep self-discovery of coaching allows you to focus on your uniqueness, your realness, your originality — what sets you apart from “the norm.” You can explore both what is common to all of us and what differentiates you from others; in doing so, you begin down the path that feels 100% right for you.

*Acculturation: The unspoken or overt norms that say “Think this way, act this way, look this way, and speak this way, and you will fit in with your society, community, class, family.”

Lori Stephens, pNLP, CCP is a writer, editor, publisher, Certified NLP Practitioner, Whole Person Life Coach, and the founder of ROAR Life Coaching. She specializes in Exit Strategy Coaching—helping people who are ready to quit a soul-crushing job, walk away from a toxic relationship, exit a repressive social or religious group, come out as their true sexual or gender orientation, or in some other way claim their true path. She can be reached at

Photo credit: Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

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