Conformist or Rebel?

Close your eyes and imagine the real you…

  • The you that defies expectations
  • The you that takes the road less traveled
  • The you that pushes back against convention
  • The you that talks back
  • The you that says “no” rather than “well, maybe”
  • The you that doesn’t back down
  • The you that goes for “impossible”
  • The you that doesn’t compromise values
  • The you that demands the truth
  • The you that rocks the boat and ruffles feathers
  • The you that walks away from stereotypes
  • The you that charges into the unknown
  • The you that pushes the envelope
  • The you that you landed in this world to be

Are you ready to…

  • Stand out from the crowd and own your individuality
  • “Walk off the job” of the identity that is crushing the authentic you
  • Pack it up and drive off into the sunset as the new you
  • Rock your uniqueness, your weirdness, your individuality

Are you ready to be relentlessly real and make all kinds of shift happen? Which archetype (or label) fits the YOU that you want to be: Conformist or Rebel?

Lori Stephens, pNLP, CCP is a writer, editor, publisher, Certified NLP Practitioner, Whole Person Life Coach, and the founder of ROAR Life Coaching. She specializes in Exit Strategy Coaching—helping people who are ready to quit a soul-crushing job, walk away from a toxic relationship, exit a repressive social or religious group, come out as their true sexual or gender orientation, or in some other way claim their true path. She can be reached at

Photo credit: Céline PREHER on Unsplash

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